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Experienced technology and service company providing bulk handling systems for the process industry and plants for gravel, energy, waste and sludge

Nodeland, Stavanger

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Trond Robstad
Trond Robstad
Managing Director
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Rune Støylen
Rune Støylen
Manager Service & after sale
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Jørgen Smith
Jørgen Smith
Sales Industry
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Martin Haga
Martin Haga
Driftssjef/ COO
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Tom Arne Urdal
Tom Arne Urdal
Sales manager
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About Tratec Solutions

Tratec Solutions is a technology and service company providing products and systems used to handle bulk material.

The company is highly recognised within the market segments process industry, power, crushed stone and gravel, waste, and sludge. Tratec Solutions deliver turnkey systems and products such as transport systems, feeders, silos, discharging systems, screening systems and other equipment.

Tratec Solutions has a highly qualified group of engineers, located in Nodeland, outside Kristiansand in Southern Norway. We currently have a staff of 30 skilled workers in modern office and production premises.

Our company never rests in our efforts to create successful and creative systems for industry in Europe and the rest of the world. The company was founded in 1948, and has since then moved its target area from the delivery of simple machines to the supply of major, complex systems for transport, storage and handling of bulk material.

In 1999, Tratec Solutions merged with the Norwegian company, Saxlund. Subsequently, Saxlund's products were transferred to Tratec Solutions facilities in Nodeland, allowing the company to supply an impressively wide product range.

Bulk handling competence since 1948

Tratec Agdermaskin have specialist competence within large and complex systems for transport, treatment and storage of bulk material. Our company has unique knowledge and experience within this area of expertise.

We have acknowledged bulk handling systems tailor made for process plants, metal plants, cement factories, chemical factories, power plants, gravel works, waste and sludge treatment plants. Tratec Agdermaskin deliver solutions of the highest quality. Our system for quality management is certified by DNV according to NS-EN ISO 9001.

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