SCADA and PLC system - Kristiansand sewage treatment plant

Tratec Norcon has been responsible for SCADA and PLC system of the Odderøya sewage treatment plant in Kristiansand since the early 1990s

This project was first initiated 1993 and so far this is our largest project within water and sewage treatment plants.

Project description:

  • Delivery of distribution boards and control boards. 10 large PLC systems connected by a redundant fiber network.

  • Upgrade of SCADA system from Danfoss Master 2000 to a new modern system based on WinCC OA.
  • Integration of an additional two sewage treatment plants and 120 sewage pumping stations, two gas deposit plants and the industrial pipe line from Vennesla to Kristiansand.
  • Upgrade of all PLC systems during full plant operation.
  • The plant consists of more than 20 000 I/O and is interconnected by several types of data communication like GSM/GPRS through 3G/4G, hired fiber, own fiber and UHF radio communication.
  • The whole plant is remote controlled from a central control room as well as mobile units.
  • Tratec Norcon provides additional remote support via VPN and a service agreement with planned yearly service visits.
  • Tratec Norcon is at present upgrading the sewage treatment plant SCADA system and control system considerably.

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