Spillage control

Tratec Solutions has a wide range of components for spillage control on belt conveyors.
Spillage control


Misalignment is a problem that often occurs with regard to conveyor belt systems. This does not just cause much pollution, but also damages the conveyor belt and belt structure.

You can bring the belt back to the correct track with the CEN-TRAX belt tracker. This belt tracker quickly and automatically corrects any misalignment, regardless of the conditions. CEN-TRAX belt tracker systems can be used for belts with two rotating directions and can be supplied for both the return and the top part of the conveyor belt.

CEN-TRAX is suitable for every belt width and speed and can be used in hazardous areas.

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To seal transfer points and to counteract waste, long rubber sealing strips are generally used. However, these strips barely limit the waste of valuable raw materials, have an irregular lifespan cycle and are difficult to adjust. Replacing and adjusting the strips also takes a lot of time.

SPILL-EX represents the definitive end to nuisance due to pollution and dust at transfer points. The sealing blocks are easy to adjust individually and can be replaced quickly and easily. SPILL-EX does not just eliminate pollution, it also reduces operational and maintenance costs.

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The CARM spot filter is a compact fabric filter that has been designed specifically for installation on the transfer points of a conveyor belt. The spot filter suctions a small quantity of air which creates a slight vacuum, preventing dust discharge.

For optimal results, the transfer point must be correctly sealed and the load must be supported sufficiently.

The added fan suctions the air charged with dust through the filtration fabrics. The dust is separated on the outside of the filtration fabrics and returned to the product flow when the system cleans the filtration fabrics fully automatically. The EX-II-3D spot filters are suitable for set-up in a 22 area.

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