Statens Vegvesen southern region – Nordre Vestfold

Tratec Norcon are responsible for SCADA programming, control, regulation and monitoring, as well as cameras and AID to 6 double tunnels for One Nordic Kraftmontasje

Nordre Vestfold project consists of three individual contracts for Tratec Norcon. The project is in process and due to finish end of December 2017. The projects consists of 6 double tunnels. The contract deliveries are as follows:

  • Frame agreement with SVV Southern Region for SCADA programming of new HMI interphase for operators at the Road Control Station.
  • Control, regulation and monitoring: PLC’s, network and programming. Customer: SVV Southern Region.
  • Cameras and AID. Customer: One Nordic Kraftmontasje

Tratec Norcon scope of supply:

  • 26 new control cabinets for road signs
  • Central PLC from Allen Bradley to control road signs and interphase to existing tunnel equipment.
  • Configuration of OPC UA server
  • Generation of new WinCC OA HMI’s on the Vestfold county server.
  • Integration to the server at the  road control central
  • Preparation of traffic plans for control of road signs
  • Testing and commissioning of new installation towards the road control central.
  • Delivery of 212 video cameras and 24 thermal cameras
  • Delivery of modul based automatic incident detection system
  • Delivery of Tratec Norcon process module for interphasing of OPC UA and AID
  • Tuning and commissoning of AID system
  • Preparation of object list.
  • Programming of all PLC’s and HMI’s
  • Configuration of traffic plans

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