WinCC OA SCADA system

Tratec Norcon is a leading supplier within WinCC OA SCADA system competence , and holds over 15 years of experience
WinCC OA SCADA system

Tratec Norcon has over 15 years’ experience with WinCC OA in Norway, and holds a significant competence within this system.

We have experience with applying the system in several market areas, such as transport, power, sewage treatment plants, offshore and process industry. Among our largest customer installations in Norway are Norwegian Public Roads Administration and Kristiansand Treatment Plant.  


Due to its particular system properties, SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture meets the highest requirements. You can find this SCADA system in nearly every industry. From tunnel control to water- and gas supply grids up to the European Research center CERN.

  • Traffic and Transportation (Tunnel, rail, road, ship, underground, airport)
  • Oil and Gas (Gas transport networks, gas storage, natural gas exploration, gas processing plant, control system for oil & gas pipelines, tank farm management, refinery production management & optimization)
  • Energy (Supervisory system for power plants, district heating, power distribution, power generation, wind farm, solar energy)
  • Water (Water distribution networks, waste water treatment-/ purification plants, water locks)
  • Building automation (HVAC (Heating, ventilation, air condition, cooling), facility management, IBMS (Integrated Building Management System) for large-/ geographical distributed buildings, ICMS (Integrated City Management System)
  • Research (Research & development center

ETM develops the SCADA system SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture. SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture, former known as PVSS, forms part of the SIMATIC HMI range and is designed for use in applications requiring a high degree of client-specific adaptability, large and/or complex applications and projects that impose specific system requirements and functions.

ETM’s solutions are particularly placed in the areas of traffic, water, energy, oil & gas, building automation industry as well as research. ETM professional control is a 100% owned subsidiary of Siemens AG, headquartered in Eisenstadt, Austria. Organizationally and functionally is ETM assigned to the business unit Digital Factory – Factory Automation – Automation Systems (DF FA AS).

Tratec Norcon is a certified ETM Premium Solutions Partner in Norway within WinCC OA.


The SCADA system without limits:

SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture is a SCADA system for visualizing and operating of processes, production flows, machines and plants in all lines of business. Distributed systems enable any number of stand-alone systems, from 2 to 2048, to be linked via a network.

Each subsystem can be configured either as a single-user or multi-user system, redundant or not, in each case. SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture relies consistently on object orientation for process images and the database structure.

The object-oriented SCADA system SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture allows you to implement solutions tailored to specific customers. Saving valuable engineering time is top priority!

With a philosophy that puts the focus on people, we offer comprehensive solutions.
From user guidance to the authorization system, from the alarm concept to system integration, the whole system is a well thought-out and coherent structure. The native 64 Bit support allows access to more memory and to take advantage of high performance hardware.

The open concept of SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture allows integration of a wide variety of components. From the automation level right up to operation and management level, the system allows finely tuned solutions. SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture is platform independent and available for Windows, Linux, iOS and Android.

Modern systems are subject to constant change and new demands. SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture is adaptable and grows with the necessary extensions, without coming up against limits. SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture scales to requirements - from the small single-site system for machine operation to the networked, redundant high-end system.

SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture employs cutting-edge development concepts. End-to-end object orientation sets news standards in process visualization systems.

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