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  • Steam cleaning unit

    The Steam Cleaning Unit is similar to a standard high-pressure washer, but produces steam instead of water. The unit is utilized to clean small piping systems and for minor cleaning jobs. 

    Environmentally friendly - eliminates the need for detergents and soap.
    The boiler in the unit is so small that it can be made of stainless steel material, which prevents corrosion and rust. 
    You only need water and power supply to generate 50-150 kilowatt. 
    Can be made small enough to be moved manually
    Produces steam 20 minutes after startup  

    The unit comprises a element boiler fitted inside a mobile frame (approved for transportation).

    The unit`s boiler is insulated with mineral wool and jacketed in stainless steel. Any parts of the boiler, not jacketed, is sprayed with a heat-resistant lacquer. All welded joints are easily accessible for inspection.  

    The PHE element boiler is an all-welded steam boiler where the stainless steel, acid proof (SIS 2348) elements are placed directly inside the boiler's water volume. This allows for a rapid heat transmission from the element's heating coil to the surrounding water.

    During construction, the boiler is controlled using X-ray equipment, magnaflux and ultrasound, in accordance with current requirements.

    The probes are fitted on element flanges which are assembled directly on the boiler shell.

    Simple access to connections and thermostats in the switch box on each element, 75 kW.

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    Frode Olsen
    Frode Olsen

    Kjell Vidar Netland
    Kjell Vidar Netland
    Manager Product Division

  • Waste heat recovery units

    Thermal efficiency in the gas turbine train can increase from around 33% to around 70%.

    Patented Waste Heat Recovery solution for gas turbine exhaust.

    With the Halvorsen WHRU you get significantly increased turbine train efficiency, decreased fuel demand and less pollution.


    • Low weight
    • Units delivered in preassembled transportable pieces
    • Increases thermal efficiency to the process
    • Ideal for retrofit applications
    • Compact, minimal external clearance required
    • Good flow modulation capability
    • Including fail safe mode
    • Custom made designs available
    • Low maintenance costs
    • FEM/CFD analysis
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    Frode Olsen
    Frode Olsen

    Kjell Vidar Netland
    Kjell Vidar Netland
    Manager Product Division

  • Hyperbaric pressure vessels

    Tratec Halvorsen`s pressure vessels have the capacity to simulate pressure impact on equipment and test the resulting pressure, and to simulate forces of 400 bar, corresponding to the pressure experienced at sea depths of up to 4,000 metres. 

    The internal diameter of the pressure vessels is 1,500 mm, the material thickness is 200 mm and the vessels weigh approx. 70 tons, including all Equipment.

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    Frode Olsen
    Frode Olsen

    Kjell Vidar Netland
    Kjell Vidar Netland
    Manager Product Division

  • Water Treatment Systems

    Extracting value from water

    The Tratec Halvorsen Water Treatment Systems separate water from the well stream in order to produce clean water to be used as potable water, discharged to sea or re-injected back to the reservoir.

    NOx reduction Troll C
      - Installation of NOx reduction project on Equinor’s Troll C

    Water management is a crucial element of oil and gas production, and we specialize in the following areas:

    • Potable Water Treatment
      Converting seawater or brackish water to drinking water according to international standards.
    • Process Water Treatment
      Converting salt water or brackish water to different qualities of process water, depending on client specifications.
    • WLN de-NOx Treatment
      Converts sea water or brackish water into demineralized water (DW) for injection into the gas turbine, (better than 1 mS/cm) with the purpose to decrease NOx emissions and/or increase the shaft power of the gas turbine.
    • Water injection for wells, combined with de-oxygenation technology
      Decreases the salt content in the seawater to the client’s specification, and removes the oxygen in the water, using membrane technology, to less than 20 ppb (parts per billion). This technology can increase oil recovery from mature fields by up to 12%.
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    Frode Olsen
    Frode Olsen

    Kjell Vidar Netland
    Kjell Vidar Netland
    Manager Product Division

  • Exhaust ducts for gas turbines

    Extended lifetime of exhaust systems with minimized risk of leakages

    Exhaust systems guides the exhaust from the gas turbine into the atmosphere. It is mandatory to use exhaust systems behind the gas turbines as the exhaust flue gases can reach temperatures between 400 and 650 C. 

    Exhaust ducts are under enormous strain from turbulence and pressure fluctuations from the gas turbine. Start-stops causes additional thermal stress on the exhaust system. This can lead to cracks, damages on ducts walls, faulty insulation and unwanted high surface temperature. In some cases, internal parts in the ducting can loosen and blow out of the duct exit nozzle, causing dangerous situations due to falling objects. 

    There are also several health risks, such as noise heat and exhaust emissions behind the gas turbines, which can be minimized.

    The Halvorsen Exhaust Ducts for extended system life can handle 800 transient operations. It comes with patented low stress flanges which prevents crack development in rectangular duct section corners. 

    Our solutions also leads to improved availability and reliability of the total gas turbine system, with less downtime and less helseskader. Our senior personnel has extensive experience with the largest and most used offshore gas turbines.

    Vi hjelper deg med Exhaust ducts for gas turbines. Ta kontakt med:
    Bjørn Helleren
    Bjørn Helleren
    Manager MMO / Aftersales

    Frode Olsen
    Frode Olsen

  • Services & Modifications

    Maintenance, modifications and operations has been a priority area for Tratec Halvorsen since 1975. 
    As a complete EPCIC provider, we follow up clients and products from engineering through fabrication and installation to servicing onshore and offshore.

    Over the years, we have gathered extensive offshore experience with product systems such as steam boilers, exhaust systems and process systems, in addition to general steel structure work. Our engineers and service personnel has practical knowledge and a keen understanding of containerized modules, frames, strucutal works, piping, manifolds, drilling equipment, cranes, mud systems and other solutions for both greenfield and brownfield projects. MMO services at Halvorsen focuses on mobile and floating installations on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

    The aim with every project is to provide customers the best technology within our core service areas:


    • Engineering & Design
    • Project management
    • Approval from 3rd. party classification authorities
    • Procurement & Fabrication incl. testing
    • NDE and surface protection
    • Installations, upgrading, repair and modification, including Winterization for cold climate operations
    • MC/Commissioning & Final Documentation (LCI)


    • Plate fitters & structural workers
    • Piping
    • Welding
    • Mechanical & Hydraulic
    • Electricians
    • Automatics
    • Instrument


    • Boilers
    • Modules
    • Frames & Strucutal works
    • LP & HP piping & Manifolds
    • Drilling Equipment
    • Crane & Wiches
    • Mud systems
    • Hook up of thirdparty Equipment
    Vi hjelper deg med Services & Modifications. Ta kontakt med:
    Bjørn Helleren
    Bjørn Helleren
    Manager MMO / Aftersales

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