Spare parts and overhaul of Roughneck / Hydratong

Tratec is a leading supplier of quality overhaul, parts, installation, testing, and receritication of all types of roughnecks and Hydratongs
Spare parts and overhaul of Roughneck / Hydratong

Tratec has extensive competence and experience within high-quality overhaul and recertification of roughnecks / Hydratongs / tool frames and Associated torque wrench. 

We know that a cost efficient and high-quality overhaul project is critical. Therefore we provide our services at considerable cost reductions compared to major OEMs, while maintaing the highest quality, using state-of-the art service facilities and experienced, specialist drilling equipment engineers.


Tratec has supplied more than 25 roughneck overhaul and recertification projects the last 5 years. References include rig companies Odfjell Drilling, Maersk Drilling, COSL Drilling Europe, Saipem, Transocean and others.  

Tratec is an experienced specialist supplier of overhaul, SPS, parts and service for rig and drilling equipment. We can provide Norwegian quality and decades of experience, while maintaning sensible prices and flexible solutions.


  • Successful quality overhaul projects. 
  • On-time delivery. 
  • Considerable cost savings compared to overhaul by equipment OEMs.

Cost savings on roughneck overhaul:

Tratec have delivered solid cost savings to our customers. This is due to our lower cost base, system for compatible parts, and utilizing our experienced drilling equipment employees at very competitive rates.

Tratec supplies overhaul of the following roughnecks:

  • HydraTong MPT 200
  • HydraTong MPT 270
  • HydraTong ARN 166, 270
  • HydraTong ARN 3200, ARN 4000
  • Iron Roughneck ST 80, ST 80C, ST 100, ST 120, ST 160
  • Roughneck 1898
  • Roughneck 1899
  • RN 125
  • RNX 203R, RNX 215R, RNX 300R, RNX 203P, RNX 215P, RNX 300P
  • FloorHand FH 70, FH 80, FH 100
  • WR 80, WR 120 Iron Roughneck 
  • Hydraulic mud bucket
  • Casing modules
  • Torque wrenches

Tratec can supply overhaul and parts compatible with the following Roughneck makers and trademarks: National Oilwell Varco (NOV), MHWirth, Forum B+V Oil Tools, Gardner Denver, Varco, Hydralift, and others. Tratec is an independent supplier of drilling equipment parts. Tratec is neither a licensee, nor is affiliated with any of the named original equipment manufacturers (OEM). The manufacturer’s names, equipment names, or trademarks used herein are solely for identification purposes, and are not intended by Tratec to cause confusion as to the source, sponsorship, or quality of the parts supplied by Tratec. The original equipment manufacturers named above and throughout this website do not sponsor, promote, warranty or endorse Tratec’s supply of parts.

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