Odfjell Deepsea Metro 1 - SPS personnel

Deepsea Metro 1 is an ultra deepwater drillship built in 2011. The drillship is managed and operated by Odfjell Drilling.
Odfjell Deepsea Metro 1 - SPS personnel

The project

  • Our client, Odfjell Drilling, planned and managed a 5-year SPS project of the rig. At the time, DSM1 was located offshore Malaysia.
  • Tratec was asked to supply a team of experienced service engineers to perform inspection, overhaul, and SPS of the drilling equipment onboard
  • Our personnel was mobilized and traveled from Norway to Malaysia within a couple of days notice. 
  • At the rig, we worked with NOV equipment which included 2 top drives (TDS), 2 Hydrarackers (PRS-5), crown and travelling block, subsea and AHC cranes.
  • The Tratec personnel was asked to prolong the stay to support with testing and commissioning of the equipment. The project was delivered on time.

The results

  • The client got skilled and hard-working service engineers with solid NOV equipment experience at only a few days notice.
  • Tratec provided solid cost and time savings for the client.
  • Feedback from installation manager on DSM1: “We are extremely pleased with the work carried out by Tratec. Cooperation with NOV and rig personnel goes excellent. We would again like to thank you for fast response.

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