Maersk Drilling R-rigs overhaul and yard stay

Thanks to our quality delivery, we reduced Maersk yard stay time
Maersk Drilling R-rigs overhaul and yard stay

Tratec Solutions delivered overhaul and yard stay to Maersk Drilling for their 4 jack-up R-rigs, which reduced their yard stay time to under 21 days.

Thanks to our quality delivery, we won a long-term agreement with Maersk Drilling for drilling equipment overhaul and yard stay of their 4 R-rigs:

  • Maersk Resolute (2012, Esbjerg, Denmark)
  • Maersk Resilient (2013, Invergordon, UK)
  • Maersk Resolve (2014, Esbjerg, Denmark)
  • Maersk Reacher (2015, offshore North Sea)

Maersk Drilling wanted to significantly reduce the yard stay time from the traditional 45-60 days, which was common at the time.

Our scope of work was a 5-year overhaul and testing at our workshop, followed by and efficient exchange and commissioning of the MHWirth drilling equipment package during yard stay.

The equipment list included DDM, dolly, roughneck, bridge crane, access basket, lower guide arm, eagle light, mouseholes, pipehandler crane, crown, travelling block and BOP carrier.

We used our in-depth knowledge and experience within MHWirth drilling equipment, workshop overhaul, access to original parts, and efficient yard stay project execution model.

This resulted in:

  • Major yard stay time savings. Maersk Resilient completed on 23 days, and Maersk Resolve yard stay was finalized by Tratec within 21 days.
  • 5-year overhaul with original parts supplied at solid cost savings.
  • Significant increase of operational results from the R-rigs.

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