A leading supplier with significant know-how experience

Tratec is a leading third-party supplier within overhaul, repair and SPS of drilling equipment
A leading supplier with significant know-how experience

We have extensive experience with parts and components for offshore rigs and drilling equipment.

Our clients consist of international rig companies such as:

  • Maersk Drilling.
  • COSL Drilling Europe.
  • Odfjell Drilling.
  • KCA Deutag.
  • Saipem Drilling Norway.
  • Transocean.
  • Ocean Rig and many others.

As a leading third-party supplier within overhaul, repair and SPS of drilling equipment, Tratec has significant know-how experience with all types of rig and drilling equipment parts and components. Our management team has been in the international drilling industry since early 1980s.

We meet our client’s needs, by providing identical and compatible parts and components, at an attractive price, with easy handling, and often with short delivery time, compared to other suppliers. Our parts are always delivered with full documentation and certification.

What we offer:

  • We provided drilling equipment parts at unbeatable prices, without compromising quality.
  • We have a fast response time and offer high quality technical support on all inquiries.
  • We offer a short delivery time and easy handling.
  • Parts with full documentation and certification.


  • Top Drive, models: HPS, TDS, TDX, DDM, MDDM, TD, PTD
  • Roughneck, models: Hydratong, Iron Roughneck, RN, RNX
  • Hydraracker, models: XY, PRS 4, PRS 5, PRS 6
  • Drawworks, models: ADS-10T, ADS 30Q, SSGD, DSGS, AHD, GH 3000, GH 4500, GH 6000, HCGH 6000
  • Mud Pumps
  • Retractable Dolly
  • Drillfloor Manipulator Arm
  • Travelling Block and Crown Block
  • CMC
  • Vertical Pipe Handling, VPR, IRA, URA
  • Hortizontal-To-Vertical Pipe Handling System
  • Bridge Crane
  • Eagle and Eagle Light
  • Lower Guiding Arm and Robotic Arm
  • Deadline Anchor and Drill Line Reel
  • Access Basket, Cherry Picker, Service Basket, and Work Basket
  • Finger Board and Belly Board
  • Tubular Feeding Machine and Riser Feeding Machine
  • Catwalk Machine and Catwalk Shuttle
  • Pipe Transfer Conveyor
  • Pipe Handling Crane
  • Riser Gantry Crane
  • Gripper Yoke and Riser Yoke
  • Cathead
  • Rotary Table
  • Swivel
  • Mud Bucket
  • Hydraulic Power Unit
  • Wireline Tensioner System
  • BOP Elevator System
  • BOP Overhead Crane
  • X-Mas Tree Cantilever Transfer System
  • BOP Skid and LMRP Skid
  • LMRP Horizontal and Vertical Guiding
  • Guideline Winch, Pod Line Winch, and Pol Line Reel
  • Utility Winch, Man Rider Winch, and Racking Board Winch
  • Mousehole
  • Lattice Boom Offshore Crane
  • Subsea Crane
  • Jacking System
  • Mooring System
  • Anchor Handling Winch
  • Underhull Guiding
  • Seafixing
  • Elevator, BX, and Air Operated
  • Power Slips
  • Tongs
  • Control Systems
  • Cylinders
Tratec can supply parts compatible with the following makers and trademarks: National Oilwell Varco (NOV), MHWirth, Gardner Denver, Continental Emsco, Shaffer, Hydralift, Varco, Maritime Hydraulics, Wirth, Liebherr, and others. Tratec is an independent supplier of drilling equipment parts. Tratec is neither a licensee, nor is affiliated with any of the named original equipment manufacturers (OEM). The manufacturer’s names, equipment names, or trademarks used herein are solely for identification purposes, and are not intended by Tratec to cause confusion as to the source, sponsorship, or quality of the parts supplied by Tratec. The original equipment manufacturers named above and throughout this website do not sponsor, promote, warranty or endorse Tratec’s supply of parts.

Tratec knows drilling equipment, and we are available around the clock to serve you.

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