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Experienced technology and service company providing bulk handling systems, baggage and parcel handling equipment.

Nodeland, Stavanger

Our services

  • Turnkey bulk handling systems

    Tratec Solutions supplies turnkey bulk handling systems for transport, treatment and storage of materials. We serve markets such as process industry, metal plants, cement factories, chemical factories, bio and power plants, crushed stone and gravel works. Our systems can be delivered turnkey, and take care of installation, testing and commissioning. Tratec has significant experience within multidiscipline turnkey projects. We have in-house competence within all key disciplines such as mechanical, electrical, piping and automation, which enable us to deliver turnkey solutions.

    We deliver:

    • Concept studies and planning
    • Drawing and calculations
    • Engineering
    • Project management
    • Bulk handling products
    • Installation
    • Test and commissioning
    • Service and maintenance
    • Control systems and PLC programing
    • Instrumentation
    • Electrical installations

    Delivery examples and studies:

    We can help you with Turnkey bulk handling systems. Please contact:
    Jørgen Smith
    Jørgen Smith
    Sales Industry

    Tom Arne Urdal
    Tom Arne Urdal
    Sales manager

  • Products

    Tratec Solutions has worked with bulk handling solutions since 1948. We have experienced how each material require a different and often tailor-made transportation solution. Tratec Solutions has a broad range of products for transportation, storage and screening systems. The capacity range are from a few kilos and up to 2500 ton per hour.

    We deliver a variety of products for all types of bulk material and sludge. Each product can be adjusted to the specific customer requirements:

    We can help you with Products. Please contact:
    Jørgen Smith
    Jørgen Smith
    Sales Industry

    Tom Arne Urdal
    Tom Arne Urdal
    Sales manager

  • Baggage handling

    Tratec has been the supplier of baggage solutions for the last 5 decades to airports all over the world. Our specialty is solutions for small and medium sized Baggage terminals.

    Tratec Solutions is strengthening its logistics department with the new BRAINS® system.
    BRAINS® automates sorting and planning, tracks the status and location of bags in real time and delivers relevant data and statistics, simplifying the operation. It also delivers valuable data that forms a sound basis for making mission-critical, operational and strategic decisions.

    • BRAINS® consists of the following modules:
    • Automasjon – System Integration
    • BRAINS - Applications in intelligent fully automated baggage handling
    • BRAINS® Arrival og Departure Planner
    • Installation – Upgrades – Periodic Inspections and Preventive Maintenance - Repair

    We design, produce and install complete systems for baggage handling, click here to read more.

    We can help you with Baggage handling. Please contact:
    Tom Arne Urdal
    Tom Arne Urdal
    Sales manager

  • Parcel handling

    We deliver first-class parcel handling equipment. Our service includes everything from concept and design to finished installation.

    Our parcel handling equipment at the postal office in Norway still maintains a high operational security, thanks to the quality of our equipment.

    We can help you with Parcel handling . Please contact:
    Tom Arne Urdal
    Tom Arne Urdal
    Sales manager

  • Oil & Gas

    We have extensive experience in the development, design and manufacturing of equipment for the oil and gas industry. Click here to read more.

    We can help you with Oil & Gas. Please contact:
    Tom Arne Urdal
    Tom Arne Urdal
    Sales manager

  • Service

    Tratec Solutions has solid experience within service and maintenance for the process industry. Our specialisation is bulk handling equipment. The products of Tratec Solutions have operated in demanding enviroments for more than 30 years, with proper inspection, maintenance and wear parts supplied by our service department.

    Our service department are about 40 skilled technicians, with departments at Nodeland and Stavanger. We are available at your service 24-7. We take on both large and small service jobs, and offer maintenance agreements for our customers.

    We supply:

    • Maintenance
    • Vulcanization
    • Mechanical service
    • Mechanical Production
    • Machining and welding
    • Assembly
    • Installation, testing and commissioning
    We can help you with Service. Please contact:
    Rune Støylen
    Rune Støylen
    Manager Service & after sale

    Ernst Atle Larsen
    Ernst Atle Larsen
    Service coordinator

  • Spare parts and components

    Tratec Solutions supplies spare parts and components for of our bulk handling equipment. We maintain a solid Inventory of components and spare parts in order to ensure short delivery time for our customers.

    Tratec Solutions can provide all types of parts and components for bulk handling machines, including:

    • Screens
    • Screen cloth
    • Rubber belts
    • Wear rubber
    • Conveyor rolls
    • Springs
    • Reels
    • Motors
    • Dust sealing
    • Scrapers
    • Screw spirals

    Tratec Agdermaskin is distributor for TBK Group products in Norway, this is for Centrax belt tracker, Spill-EX and Carm-V-BFE spot filter.

    Folder Cen Trax 2018 Online En

    Spill Ex Datasheet

    Spill Ex Drawing

    Brochure Carm V Bfe Spot Filter Eng

    We can help you with Spare parts and components. Please contact:
    Rune Støylen
    Rune Støylen
    Manager Service & after sale

    Odd Erik Skomedal
    Odd Erik Skomedal
    Service manager

  • Laser 3D scanning


    • Trust and documented data quality through traceable calibration and market-leading on-site compensation.
    • Far faster and much more accurate than manual measurements
    • Creation of realistic parametric CAD data and 3D documentation for presentation purposes
    • Effective control and monitoring of health and safety as well as environmental regulations
    • Real-time, digital 3D data capture and analysis of materials, volumes, structures, topography
    • Accurate positioning thanks to integrated GPS
    • Scan in challenging environments while providing protection from dust, debris and water splashes. Mount the FocusS scanner in the inverted position, e.g. under a roof in a hall.
    • The Focus Laser Scanner portfolio offers the most economical 3D scanning solution for all requirements and budgets.
    • Minimum training effort is ensured by the intuitive and easy-to-operate touch screen interface as well as practical and online guides.
    • Efficient integration into existing software infrastructure and workflows is ensured at interfaces to various standard CAD systems.
    • Objects and areas can be 3D scanned and further process 3D models via Faro Scene, Autodesk Recap and send these models to all types of software (AutoCad, Revit, Inventor or other industry standard software.)


    • Range up to 70 m
    • HDR image overlay
    • Real time On-Site Registration
    • Distance error + -1mm

    click link for more info:

    Laser 3D scanning

    We can help you with Laser 3D scanning. Please contact:
    Hans Gunnar Nygård
    Hans Gunnar Nygård
    Industry Director

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About Tratec Solutions

Tratec Solutions is a technology and service company providing products and systems used to handle bulk material.

The company is highly recognised within the market segments process industry, power, crushed stone and gravel, waste, and sludge. Tratec Solutions deliver turnkey systems and products such as transport systems, feeders, silos, discharging systems, screening systems and other equipment.

Tratec Solutions has a highly qualified group of engineers, located in Nodeland, outside Kristiansand in Southern Norway. We currently have a staff of 30 skilled workers in modern office and production premises.

Our company never rests in our efforts to create successful and creative systems for industry in Europe and the rest of the world. The company was founded in 1948, and has since then moved its target area from the delivery of simple machines to the supply of major, complex systems for transport, storage and handling of bulk material.

In 1999, Tratec Solutions merged with the Norwegian company, Saxlund. Subsequently, Saxlund's products were transferred to Tratec Solutions facilities in Nodeland, allowing the company to supply an impressively wide product range.

Bulk handling competence since 1948

Tratec Agdermaskin have specialist competence within large and complex systems for transport, treatment and storage of bulk material. Our company has unique knowledge and experience within this area of expertise.

We have acknowledged bulk handling systems tailor made for process plants, metal plants, cement factories, chemical factories, power plants, gravel works, waste and sludge treatment plants. Tratec Agdermaskin deliver solutions of the highest quality. Our system for quality management is certified by DNV according to NS-EN ISO 9001.

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