COSL drilling equipment SPS

Our successful delivery of SPS projects for COSL Drilling Europe, saved them both time and money.
COSL drilling equipment SPS

Tratec was engaged by COSL Drilling Europe for recertification and overhaul of their drilling equipment at COSL Innovator, in January to February of 2016. COSL Innovator is a sixth-generation semi-submersible drilling rig. Earlier, in 2014 Tratec also carried out a similar scope on the COSL sister rig, COSL Pioneer.

We meet our clients needs for a high quality SPS and overhaul, at an attractive price and within a very short delivery time frame.

COSL Innovator was during the project, located at the CCB Ågotnes yard on the west coast of Norway. The list of NOV equipment for topside and moonpool included drilling package, cranes, winches, lifting and subsea handling systems. Our scope of work covered inspection, deinstallation, SPS work packages, overhaul, parts, rope access, installation, commissioning, and documentation. The equipment was certified by DNV.

We used our in-depth knowledge and experience within overhaul and SPS of NOV equipment to deliver a successful project.

This Resulted in:

  • A considerable cost and time savings for COSL Drilling Europe.
  • The drilling equipment SPS project on the rig, was successfully carried out on-time and within 25 days.
  • All equipment was fully DNV certified and overhauled with original parts for a 5 year operation.


We are able to deliver considerable cost savings to our customers due to our lower cost base-system for compatible parts and utilizing our experienced drilling equipment employees at competitive rates.

Tratec is an independent supplier of drilling equipment overhaul, SPS, and parts. Tratec is neither a licensed, nor an affiliated partner with any of the named original equipment manufacturers (OEM). The manufacturer’s names or trademarks used in this article, are solely for identification purposes only, and are not intended by Tratec to cause confusion as to the source, sponsorship, or quality of the parts supplied by Tratec. The original equipment manufacturers named above and throughout this website, are not sponsored, promoted, warranted, or endorsed by Tratec’s supply of parts.

Tratec knows drilling equipment, and we are available around the clock to serve you.

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