Drag chain conveyor

Slow speed conveying by means of scrapers attached to the chain
Drag chain conveyor

Tratec Solutions chain conveyors and elevators are designed to meet the requirements of many industries. A range of chain types are manufactured to suit conveying and elevating applications and many bulk solids can be handled with their use:

Advantages and options:

  • Standard sizes for capacities up to 1000 ton/h
  • Robust construction
  • Low maintenance
  • Bolted bottom plates
  • Bottom plate with wear strips or basalt tiles
  • Spring tensioners for chain
  • Low casing depth
  • Various chain designs to suit application
  • Jamming protection with indicator
  • Tensioning indicator
  • Possibility for underwater use or at the seabed

When required by material, we split the casing with a tight wear plate in upper and lower part. Transport is then normally on upper part and return on lower part.

All chains are drop forged high tensile alloy steel fitted with welded or bolted flights. The links are case hardened to increase the life of the chain.

Chains and the hinge pins can be supplied in stainless steel with replaceable bushings if the application dictates.

Typical for woodchips, ash, semi liquid or visous material.

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