Sliding frames

Discharger for flat bottom silo with low energy consumption
Sliding frames

This patented design has been developed over many years to enable discharging of bulk solids that normally would give problems or not flow at all in a conventional conical bottom silo.

Tratec Solutions hydraulically operated frame is designed to create mass flow with these difficult materials in a flat bottom silo.

With the flat bottom design, it is possible to reduce the overall silo height giving other advantages such as; compact silos, lower wind loadings, easier concept applications etc. The flat bottom also allows for a larger discharge opening if required. The Sliding Frame Discharger is hydraulically operated using the minimum amount of power necessary to ensure the required material discharge rate from the silo.

The Sliding Frame only moves as required to deliver loose material into the screw conveyor chute below the silo floor. Material wear is thereby kept to a minimum.

Due to the simple design, with few moving parts, safe and reliable operation has been achieved in many applications world wide.

Reciprocating Sliding frame

The Sliding Frame reciprocates across the entire silo floor feeding material, by means of the vertical faces on the frame, into the chute of the progressive pitch screw conveyor, whilst the knife edge on the other side of the frame slices under the material on its return stroke. This helps to break material bridges and give an even draw down in the silo.

The energy consumption is considerably lower than with other discharge systems. The Sliding Frame does not cause unnecessary mechanical handling. The energy used is just enough to break any material bridges and to convey the material out of the silo. Therefor the parts within the silo are subjected to very little wear and tear. Service and maintenance of the hydraulic components and the discharge screw can be carried out without emptying the silo.

Sliding frames are available in a wide range of sizes and arrangements for different applications. Some are designed to feed into ongoing processes, others are used to collect material and load directly into road or rail transport.

Oscillating Sliding frame

The Oscillating Sliding Frame consists of a circular frame with a size equal to the silo’s inner diameter. From this circular frame, special steel profiles are radially mounted, like a in fan, against the centre of the silo where they are joined at a bearing.

The frame oscillates around this point. The profiles is arranged in such a manner that the material in the silo is transported towards the discharge screw which is at the middle of the silo. The oscillating movement is caused by hydraulic cylinders which are attached to the frame at the circumference.

List of Materials handled

Bark, Coal Slurry, Wood Chips, Cotton Waste, De-inked Paper Sludge, FGD and REA Gypsum, Filter Cake, Fly Ash, Oil Drilling Cuttings, Poultry Litter, Refuse Derived Fuel, Sawdust, Sewage Sludge Cake, Soil, Sugar Beet Pulp, Wood Flakes, etc.

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