It is a heavy duty- and handy solution for practical sampling of bulk material.

The Sampler main components are housing, cup, wheels and pneumatic cylinder (see picture below).

The Sampler can be implemented in transport systems for sampling of material during the free fall of material between two conveyors (see example in picture below). The working principle of the Sampler is as follows: The Pneumatic Cylinder moves the Cup along the tracks which are built in the Sampler housing. During this movement, the Cup extends completely through the stream of material, and material flows into the Cup. When the Cup is full of material, pneumatic cylinder is retracted and moves Cup into starting position, and material falls freely to the bucket..

The Sampler can be operated manually or connected to the PLC program. There are sensors at the pneumatic Cylinder for detecting the open- and closed position. The time sequence for filling of material is controlled by a pneumatic timer, or by the PLC-program.

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