Furnace charging tube

Charging systems for silicone furnaces

The Charging Equipment consists of storage bins and tubes for controlled charging of raw material mix into the furnace process.

This furnace has 10 charging positions, 3 per electrode, total 9 peripheral, and 1 in centre. Each position has a separate furnace bin and tube. The charging tubes are rotating in order to obtain a good distribution of charge mix around the electrodes, thus reducing the requirement of stoking.

Correction material is charged through the same system by means of a by-pass channel in each peripheral furnace bin.

The 10 furnace bins are placed in two rows, 5 bins on each side of the furnace, on the electrode floor. The furnace bin for the centre tube is larger since 25-30% of the total furnace consumption is passing through the centre tube. The centre bin has no by-pass channel since corrections are performed on the peripheral charging positions only. Each bin for the peripheral charging tubes has a by-pass channel with a separate inlet. This allows for quick charging of correction material to the desired electrode(s) since the bin design will prioritize material feeding from by-pass channel.

The vibration feeders transport material from the furnace bin outlet into the rotating charging tube, one feeder for each bin/tube. The vibrating feeder chassis is powered by two unbalance vibration motors. The vibration feeder is supported on damping spiral springs, which form a flexible transition to a fixed support structure. The weight of the vibration feeder has been accurately balanced with the vibration motors to give optimum transport and lifetime.

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