Tratec Solutions has supplied turnkey shot cleaning systems for a number of boiler plants. Most of our projects have been in the UK for the boiler manufacturer Ambitermo

The shot ball cleaning systems are mainly used on vertical boilers and economizers. The size and cross section of the boiler will decide on type and number of spreaders to be used. Tratec Solutions has developed special spreader systems with regard to design and materials.

During shot cleaning, small mild steel balls are pneumatically transported into the upper boiler section. Via a special distribution system the balls fall through the heating surfaces by gravity. Through the falling energy of the balls the deposits are removed from the heating surfaces and extracted at the dust outlet. The steel balls together with the wire-cut and the waste are collected in a water cooled screw conveyor system, and transported into a bucket conveyor which takes up the material to a screen located over the boiler system. The screen separates the balls so they can be reused, and sends them into the spreading system again. Ash and debris are collected in big-bag for disposal.

Tratec Solutions has delivered several shot ball cleaning systems for Ambitermo to UK based power plants. We have in-depth competenece and experience in this technology, so please contact us for more information.

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