Silo Tipper

Combined reception hopper and silo discharger
Silo Tipper

The Silo Tipper is a reception unit for sludge, mud waste or other materials. It is an alternative to the sliding frame silo and the push floor bunker. A conventional reception bunker needs a pit or a ramp to work, whilst this is not an issue with the Silo Tipper.

The Silo Tipper eliminates the problem by letting the lorry tip/discharge its load directly at the silo edge and drive away. Silo Tipper will next erect and discharge like an ordinary silo.

It is mounted on bearings with possibility to erect by two hydraulic cylinders. It is equipped with feeding screw at 1,5m height that ejects sludge further to centrifugal dryer drum or any other equipment.

When the sludge is entered from the sludge truck, the silo is in horizontal position and when emptied - the silo is erected to a vertical position.

The screw spiral feeds the material from the silo through the screw pipe that runs from the silo tipper wall to the dryer inlet flange. This screw pipe is divided in two, one part rotating with silo tips and second part is fixed to the adjacent equipment. Both parts are connected through a sealing box which acts as an external seal.

Screw spiral comes with core inside the silo and is coreless further inside the outlet pipe. This is to have great flexibility to take different types of material. The spiral extends from pipes, passing through the wall of adjacent equipment. This solution ensures good material supply.

One side of the silo is equipped with safety drainage with flexible hose for safety against overfilling. The silo side walls are equipped with flushing nozzles on each side for automatic cleaning after use.

The silo tipper is made of stainless-steel material.

The screw spiral and the frame are made of carbon steel sandblasted and painted.

Technical specification:

  • Volume capacity: 1,5 - 10 m³
  • Capacity on discharge screw: 5 – 80 m³/h
  • Hydraulic power unit: 5,5 - 18,5 kW
  • Suitable for material like: Wood chips, Briquettes, Pellets, Grain, Ash, Fly ash, Mud waste, Sludge.

What are the advantages?

  • Low or no civil work,
  • No need for a pit for loading onto downstream equipment,
  • No need for driving ramp to empty the lorry,
  • The Silo Tipper is silo-shaped when in erected position,
  • Can easily be moved from one area to another,
  • Easily adjustable to suit the customer’s needs,
  • Several products/functions are built into one Silo Tipper,
  • The Silo-Tipper can quickly be lowered to receive a new lorry,
  • Can be mounted outside and be made dust and waterproof,
  • Very few movable parts; low operation cost.

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