Screw Conveyors

Material transport by rotating helical screw blades
Screw Conveyors

Tratec Solutions screw conveyors, using several decades of experience, have been be tailored to suit customers requirements for optimal solutions.

Screw conveyors come with a variety of screw flights and shapes of the screw casings - troughs.

The choice dependent on the material to be transported.

Screw spiral flights:

  • Standard flight for normal transportation,
  • Shaftless flights for transportation of sticky and cohesive materials,
  • Ribbon shaped flights for transportation of sticky and cohesive materials,
  • Paddle shaped flights for mixing and conveying of materials,
  • Water cooled spiral shafts for hot materials like boiler cleaning shot balls.

Casing (trough) shapes:

  • Rolled casing,
  • Tube shaped casing,
  • Casing for dual screws,
  • Water cooled casings for hot materials.

The drive is optimized the same way. Sizing revolution speed is calculated in AM’s programme, based on many years experience with different and difficult material transported in all angles from horizontal to vertical.

The customer defines the task – Tratec Solutions optimizes!

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