Vibration feeders and conveyors

Most materials can be moved by means of vibration. The goods are lifted/thrown in a linear movement, resulting in very little wear.
Vibration feeders and conveyors

Tratec Solutions vibration conveyors and feeders, using several decades of experience and supplied variety of the vibration machines, can design and supply machines tailored to suit specific customers requirements. To supply optimal solutions

The vibration conveyors / feeders can handle hot or cold material with small or large particle size, and can easily be sealed off to avoid dust.

They are normally used for horizontal transportation, but can also be inclined or declined.

Dimensions and other capacities can be determined in accordance with the customer’s requirements, with one or several inlets and outlets.

The machines are equipped with 2 unbalance motors which rotating in opposite directions and produce a linear vibration. To adjust the capacity, the stroke length is adjustable by adjusting the unbalance weights. In addition, the capacity can be controlled during operation, when connected to a frequency converter. The frequency converter helps also by minimising uncontrolled vibration forces during start/stop of the machine.

The conveyors / feedes are suspended from spiral springs in order to transfer as little vibration as possible to its foundation.

To save a space, the vibrator and the motor can be place underneath or above the conveyor.

  • Optional equipment: Supports, walkways, emergency stop system, Hardox wear plates, motor frequency converter to minimise forces during start/stop of the machine, shock absorbers, dampers, dust sealing at inlet and outlet.
  • Surface treatment: Sandblasted, primed and painted to Tratec Agdermaskin standard top cover.
  • Frequency converter and motor braking system which allows the machine to be used in dosing systems with very good control of the vibration at variable feeding speeds and fine start/stop possibilites. It is a great alternative to electromagnetic machines - cheaper solution with the similar possibilites to feed specific amounts accurately.


  • Springs can be placed on the underside or on the upper side. This means that the carrier takes up less space and gives more flexibility.
  • The conveyor is mounted on coil springs which transmit low vibration to the foundation, which in turn leads to lower wear costs

Vibration Conveyors

Vibration feeders

The customer defines the task – Tratec Solutions optimizes!

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