Rotary valves

Dosing and feeding by a sealed machine
Rotary valves

The wide variety size range of valves are mainly used as airlocks on cyclones and filter hoppers and as feeders for conveying systems. Generally used for dry powdres or similar applications.

The larger valves have their body fabricated from steel plates, generously stiffened to avid distorions and the precision machined.

Stainless steel valves are stress relieved after welding to ensure lowest possible welding stresses.


  • Large rectangular asymmetrical inlet to give optimum pocket filling. Material has extra time to settle in the valve pocket – Large valves only
  • Cutting knife or knives to cut large pieces so that the valve does not jam. Also used to clean the rotor tips before they enter the case – Large valves only
  • Maximum number of blades in contact with valve body at any one time.
  • Precision machining of components
  • Minimum clearance of rotor within body depending on operating temperature.


  • Pedestal bearings with stuffing box seals
  • Bronze side seals and air purging for high pressure applications
  • Direct coupled drives
  • Hard chrome internals
  • Vents in body
  • Water cooled valves for high temperature applications
  • Rotation sensors

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